2 Years of Social Science

2 Years of Social Science

Arizona universities require that all students complete 2 years of social sciences.  Social science means courses such as World History, American History, U.S. and AZ Government, Economics, Business, etc.  Although the universities only require 2 years of study in this area, most high schools require 2.5 or even 3 years of social science courses in order to graduate.  This is perfectly fine, and will actually prepare students better for their college courses.


Although you should always plan to complete the Sweet 16 courses, you could have up to 1 year missing in the social sciences and still be admitted (assuming you have completed all the coursework in at least four of the remaining five areas of study). 

How to Plan for Social Science

As mentioned earlier, most high schools in Arizona require 3 years of social science, so they usually have a course plan for how to complete them.  This chart is only an example of possible course combinations a student might complete.  You should always consult your school counselor each year when designing your schedule, and identify yourself as a "college-bound" student.

  Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
TYPICAL   World History American History Government & Economics
HONORS Honors World History Sociology Honors American History AP Government & AP Economics
ADVANCED Psychology AP World History AP American History AP Government & AP Economics